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This month we feature two videos about Microsoft Office 2007 and a look at its most potent free competitor, OpenOffice.

The 2007 edition marks a major new release of the venerable Office suite, and requires some explaining. This demo video from Microsoft is a bit rah-rah, but it explains what's new and how its feature set trumps that of older versions of Office. Look for the chapter menu at lower left in this rich video.

The new ribbon bar developed for Office 2007 is by far this productivity suite's most controversial and interesting feature. Chris Grover, an author of Office 2007: The Missing Manual, narrates this screencast from O'Reilly Media. Grover demystifies the ribbon bar and shows you how to master the feature-filled interface.

A free alternative to Microsoft Office is OpenOffice by Sun Microsystems. Martin the Librarian offers an introduction to this powerful and mostly-Office-compatible productivity suite. If you haven't experienced a YouTube video yet, just click on the Play button below. You may have to hit it twice:


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