Hi. I'm Bud. BudStolker.com

is Bud's personal Web site, scheduled for development when I can find the time.

Some of Bud's other sites:

Landmark Computer Laboratories, Bud's primary corporate site.
Domains by Landmark, a subsidiary of Landmark Computer Labs selling domain names, Web hosting, email accounts, and online storefronts.
Websites by Landmark, an online store for Landmark's Web development services.
Landmark Lad's Web site. The Lad is the online face of Landmark Computer Labs.
The View from Landmark, a free electronic newsletter, with Bud's Blog.
The Landmark Channel, a future broadband content delivery site.
The old Landmark Computer Labs site. Some of the information there has been transferred to the new Landmark Computer Labs site. The rest is obsolete and just sits quietly, collecting search engine hits.
Bud's Photo Gallery at BetterPhotos.com (begun June 2005; still experimental).
Metropolitan Washington Mensa: Bud resigned as Webmaster after running this Web site for the Washington, DC chapter of this high-IQ social organization in December 2005. He still takes a proprietary interest in it.

Other Stolker Family sites:

Uptown Law, LLC: Law Offices of Richard S. Stolker, a regional law firm serving the Washington, DC metropolitan area.
TheStolkers.com: family messaging system.
Jacob Eli Stolker: first of a new generation of Stolkers.
Julia Madeline Stolker: born July 3, 2004.
Morgan Olivia Stolker: born August 3, 2004.
Jonah Clyde Stolker: born May 21, 2008.
Stolker.com and Stolker.us currently point to Uptown Law, LLC.

Bud's Resume (pdf)


Most convenient e-mail address: bud@stolker.com.
Fax information is on Bud's corporate Web site at http://www.landmarkcomputer.com/contact.shtml.

Last update: May 21, 2009. Prior update: October 17, 2006.